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Datz Restaurant Group

Datz restaurant was not looking to change their identity. Instead, they needed to align their in-person identity with the visual look of their branding. They and their customers recognized that Datz is a retro-style restaurant, so Grand Brand helped bring that character into their visual design. We aimed to tweak some base symbols and colors to portray the vibe that people felt inside the restaurant. To begin, we sought out specific elements from the physical restaurant itself to use in the new branding. We also used elements of the restaurant to reinforce overall brand awareness. Revision of the menu, logo, and website. The results of our work with Datz included a 55% increase in web traffic over ten months and a 45% increase in brand recognition. Overall word-of-mouth commentary was positive and Datz is happy with our collaboration.




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Beautiful work & Quality service! Grand Brand did our website and touch-points the justice it deserved. Bravo to the team over at Grand Brand. Thanks for your time and dedication, especially to Eric & Tirsa. Love from Datz Restaurant Group. We highly recommend!


- Tony Pullaro, Brand Director

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Logo design agency | Branding Agency | Tampa Bay, Florida | Boutique agency