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Our objective is to make you happy for the long haul.  Sometimes, what might make you happy today isn’t the same thing that will make your business happy tomorrow.  To ameliorate any discrepancies, we set clear, measurable, achievable objectives to improve your business.  Objectives can range from the presentation of five logo options to the choosing of a new color scheme or the execution of a social media campaign.


The outline is a roadmap for your project based on your goals.  A total business rebrand might require a ten-page outline and a six-month timeline.  Outlines tell you (and us!) what to expect over the course of the relationship.  Whether you want to know what deliverables to expect next week, or when you new logo will be completed, the outline will keep you up to date.


Once the creative dust has settled, the final outcome will be unveiled.  Depending on the scope of your project, this could include anything from a newly designed logo to a full fledged rebrand.


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