The interesting thing about your brand is it is never what you say it is. It’s actually what everyone else says it is.

Branding is far more related to how customers perceive your business than how you see it yourself. Establishing your vision and identity is an important first step in developing a brand. What follows is bringing this vision to life.

When you think about your favorite brands, the ones your are loyal to, chances are you trust them because they consistently provide you with the quality or service that you expect. These brands have a stable identity; Apple conveys a modern, simple and elegant brand through their consistent color scheme and logo. Chipotle’s decor and font style is casual and speaks to a young audience. Branding consistency assures your brand makes sense. Remember: you are telling a story through all your branding assets, your brand’s story.

Consistency does not necessarily mean routine or boring. It paves the way through creativity within the boundaries of your brand. It connotes professionalism, integrity, purpose and stability. It projects a reliable and confident business. Ultimately, this is what will make your brand stand out from the competition. You can use these simple tips as guidelines to create a successful and consistent brand:

  • Be authentic and faithful to your vision.
  • Have a unique voice. (And remember this is different from your own voice, it is your brand’s voice).
  • -Develop a color scheme and a memorable design for your logo. Logos do not need to be super elaborate as long as they visually represent your business vision.
  • Create a slogan that communicates your mission in a few words.
  • Consistency! The ultimate branding principle. From keeping the same font to superior customer service, you are looking for that advantage your brand is known for.
  • Create a “Brand Standards Guide”. These are the guidelines that map out how your logo, fonts, colors, tagline should be used. Make it simple and straightforward.