“Social Media is the Internet”

Social media began in 1997 with a site called Six Degrees where users could make a profile and add friends. Following close behind, in 1999, blogs began to boom. Did they ever imagine this new form of content sharing could affect day to day life? Mind you, this is also pre-Y2K, when computers were predicted to wreak havoc on society. Now social media influences advertising, elections and communication as a whole.

Some may even go as far as to sa social media runs our lives. It is not a far reach considering some people make their livings from popularity on social media (i.e. beauty bloggers, social media managers, etc.). There are even college courses dedicated to mastering the art of social media. There are so many tricks and tips to successful social media.

So what does this mean for branding your business?

Social media is a tactic, on the main floor of marketing, that gets consumers interested in your business. Whatever your market, there is a niche within a certain social media platform.

Now, this may sound simple on the surface. You have a personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, maybe even a LinkedIn, so what is the difference between your professional and personal social media sites?

Not only are there are nuances that professionals have studied, but there is extensive research that goes into relating to your target market on social media.

What time of day are they interacting on the site? What sites are they even on? What peaks their interest: copy or graphics? Do they read blogs, or are you wasting your time? What style or voice to your clients identify with the most?

With the plethora of sites out there and so many different things competing for attention it is hard to navigate through an artform that is so new.

The prevalent force that social media has on society commands a proficiency that your business deserves.     

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.

-Erik Qualman, Author of Socialnomics