At Grand Brand & Co, we know first impressions are lasting. Branding in the 21st century involves technical skill and creative impulse. Branding, strategy and digital presence have become a language of their own, and yes we’re fluent. Through creating a unique brand, we work together to translate your company’s message into the visual languages of the future.


We understand every business is unique, and if yours isn’t, we make it so.  From concept to launch, our team is fully engaged from social media management, brand strategy, to market analysis.


We work together to create one-grand-brand.


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Brand Identity


Competitive Audit


Brand Guide + Collateral


Your company’s visual identity is postmarked by your logo. It is the first impression your clients will experience and it is the embodiment of your brand. Your brand does not start and end with the logo, but it is an integral part of your company's identity nonetheless. Identity is the culmination of all the assets that reflect the message you want your business to portray.


In branding, we cannot overlook the importance of keeping up with trends and competitors. We must analyze how the competition portrays themselves in order to optimize your company’s unique take on your industry. We look at who the competition is, what they are offering and how they position themselves to the client. A competitive audit is a dynamic, data-gathering process. It examines the competition’s brand's, key messages, and identity in the marketplace.


Like your personality, your company’s brand will exude a similar distinct identity. A key aspect to brand identity is its cohesive nature. It all begins with your company's mission statement, your values and your goals. All of these core concepts will be infused into the core of your brand. We develop unique brand guidelines for this purpose.


Messaging + Positioning


Research + Analysis


Social Media


The goal here is to make a lasting impression on the customer so that they associate your brand with a superior product. Consumers are exposed to so many options, the position that you display is meant to express the fulfillment of your target audience’s needs.


We examine your current industry for trends, stats and all the complex science behind marketing. Taking an indepth look at your competitors will give us a great idea on what marketing techniques mesh well with your industry and how to best highlight what sets your brand apart. To draw in your ideal customer we identify the advertising mediums your target audiences interact with the most.


Social Media is becoming a necessary tool for any business owner but it is not as simple as managing personal accounts. We ensure each post is crafted and released to best catch the attention of your target market. Social media platforms are yet another way to display your brand. We analyze what social media platforms your clients interact on most and design posts that capture their attention and convey your company's strengths.


UI & UX Design


Graphic Design


Photography + Video


We create engaging websites that guide your target audience to the exact information they are looking for. Digital media is a complex network of links leading to many other links and screens. The user relies on the UI and UX designers to guide them through this complex web of information. It is important to design a website that makes sense to customers. User experience design (UX) concerns the feel of a product, a website for example. UX design is making sure a website is easy to follow and makes sense to customers. User interface design (UI) is simply the visual layout of the (UX) design. The user sees the screens and pages designed by the user interface expert.


Graphics are a yet another tool that can be used to break up visual collateral. Graphic design combines text and pictures to create convincing advertisements. It represents your brand’s identity and speaks to potential customers on your behalf. Our graphic designers work hard to express your brand’s message in the most effective way.


Our team contains professional photographers and videographers that capture the authentic design of your brand. We capture quality collateral that can be used for all of your advertising, social media and web needs.


Some of our clients

Borrell Electric Co, Inc.

Blake Investment Partners

Air Data DB

Datz Restaurant Group

Seed and Feed Hospitality Group

Mandarin Heights

Trophy Fish St Pete

Barefoot Beach Club

1895 Bar Kitchen Market

Hyde Park Cosmetics

Midici Brands

Healthy Bodies MDC

Gunn Law Group

Dimmitt Automotive Group

Integrity Turf Solutions

Robinson Law Group

Chat Lead LLC

Blake-Wilder Strategies

Boho Beauty House

Caruso Law Group

Sun State Botanicals

Blake Communities

JMS Med Supply

The Mandarin Hide


Cake Cuties Bakery

Hyde Leather Works

Ibackflip studios

Socially & Co


Stano Foundation

Westshore Diamond Co

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