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Branding in the 21st century requires technical skill and creative impulse. Digital presence has become a language of its own, and yes we’re fluent. Through creating a unique brand, we work together to translate your company’s message into the visual language of the future.


From concept to launch, our team is fully engaged in active collaboration with you to create one-grand-brand.


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Eric Sanchez

Founder / CC

Grand Brand’s founder and creative director is a quick-witted, creative-seeking missile. Trained formally and by the breath of nature, Eric doesn’t do art, he is art. With over 10 years of developing award-winning brands, his passion and talent continues to inspire the team and the local creative community.


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Tirsa Tavarez

Co-Founder / BM

Behind every successful team is an exasperated brand manager making sure that the team is streamlined and focusing on the project at hand. Tirsa focuses on managing client relationships and business operations. Her background in marketing and business development helps her direct the company's vision strategically.


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Logo design agency | Branding Agency | Tampa Bay, Florida | Boutique agency