Our Process

Approaching a creative project is no different from approaching one of scientific integrity.  While we’re a creative agency, we take calculated steps to ensure that our results are both customized to fit your individual needs and reliable time and time again.





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Your free consultation familiarizes you with our process and introduces us to your vision.  We will discuss what you want, what you need, and budgeting logistics.  The consultation is our chance to help you figure out exactly what it is you want for the future of your business.  If you aren’t sure what exactly that is, but are interested in the benefit of change, the free consultation is a great choice.


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Brainstorm & Collaborate

During the brainstorming session, our writers and visual artists join forces to come up with a myriad of possibilities for the future of your organization.  The diversity of our team allows for us to make better, more informed decisions for your project.


Research your Target Market

After our collaborative brainstorming efforts, we head to the web to identify the practical effects of our proposed ideas.  Only the strongest proposals, backed by research and first-hand experience, survive this round.


Present idea + Concept

During this stage, we present you with 2-3 plans of action so that you may choose the one you think would best represent your brand.  We provide the options, but you are the ultimate decision-maker.


Develop your Idea

Once we’ve identified 2-3 major routes that your project could take, we sit down and develop these ideas into a detailed presentation for your approval.


Perfect Chosen Concept

During the presentation, you may be interested in whether a certain color might work better for your brand than what we chose.  During this stage, we make changes based on your requests and send the updated files to you for approval.  These changes will not be given to you in presentation format.  The sooner you approve the revisions, the sooner we can move onto the best and final step.



Ready.  Set.  Launch. Your Brand

Whether your project is a roadside billboard or a full-fledged website, the production stage is the most exciting.  This is when your ideas and our vision come together and we get to do our thing to make your final product a reality.




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