It is no secret America is currently experiencing an odd political and historical moment. Republican or democrat, pro-Trump or pro-Hillary, what became clear throughout the most recent presidential election is how divided and resentful people are these days. It is downright scary to see the kinds of hateful attacks following the election of Donald Trump as president. The appointment awoke demons in various communities, even those that claim to endorse higher thinking and education. One frightening case was seen at the University of Pennsylvania, where a group of black freshman students were targeted and insulted via text message. The content of the texts included racial slurs that allegedly mentioned lynching(?!?!). As I said before, downright scary. And repugnant. What ever happened to those sacred American values of equality and freedom? How about basic respect for fellow human beings?


After electing the first African-American president, which genuinely felt like a huge leap of progress towards an all-inclusive nation that loves and welcomes people with unique backgrounds, it feels like the current political and social situation just reversed back to 1908. It is very sad to see how the this nation, built by the accomplished dreams of foreigners, is now resenting and rejecting the very essence of its foundation. As a foreigner myself (I was born in Colombia, a country with so many problems where we still manage to welcome visitors with nothing but warm smiles, friendliness and hospitality) it is truly sad and hurtful to witness such hate and resentment coming from this country. Which let me tell you, is already pretty darn great. Even considered by many the greatest of all.




In any case, America has never been in a more (desperate) need of reinforcing the values of unity, niceness and kindness. Especially towards those who are different or nontraditionally "American" in a way. The holiday season is a teachable, receptive moment in which consumers are thinking about being grateful and loving each other. A perfect time to spread messages of kindness and hospitality. It is a season that gathers families who've spent most of the year apart and because of this it is the perfect time to emphasize unity and niceness. Luckily for us, one of the sweetest and most happiness-spreading brands, Nutella, has joined this rightful cause. The brand  is launching a series of short documentaries inspired by people who “spread” happiness in their daily lives.





The series is all about finding everyday stories of real people that are going out of their way to spread happiness, whether that's through their creativity, their personality, their general acts of kindness, or through some other philanthropic way. The first short features the heartwarming story of  a little girl who wanted to make her local garbage man happy by bringing him one of her birthday cupcakes. We are hoping to see similar messages spread by communities through their people, organizations and brands. It is the way things are supposed to be. Love will ALWAYS triumph hate and that which brings us together is far more valuable than the things that set us apart. No more hate. Let’s spread love—and hopefully  Nutella.