Stephanie Boutell’s BOHO Beauty House was founded on a dedication to beauty. She has created a brand that strives to achieve her client's ideal standard of beauty. Servicing the Tampa Bay area for 10 years and counting, Stephanie’s attention to detail and love for products has amplified her craft in enhancing the beauty in her clients.

Stephanie has spent ample time learning and perfecting the ever-changing beauty techniques to provide you with the best experience possible. Her journey to create her own beauty culture has only just begun.


Stephanie Boutell came to us known as SB Beauty House. Just seven minutes away from her location at 2502 N. Howard Ave., resides SB Health & Beauty Spa. Two businesses with similar names, located close to one another, and offering similar services is a recipe for disaster. Though SB are Stephanie’s initials, we had to come up with a new direction with her. Not to mention, the competing SEO.

Through an analysis of her target market, partnered with Stephanie’s vision of what she wanted her beauty house, we landed on the name BOHO Beauty House.

Our next step was to work on logo and brand identity. Stephanie already had a business card for SB Beauty House…

Building off this look, we met with Stephanie. She expressed to us her conceptual vision for the company; the colors, the feeling, and her target market. As a team, we at Grand Brand & Co. made. Stephanie's vision a cohesive reality with a set of branding guidelines to advise all future collateral.

With this new business card we expanded to other brand collateral- print collateral first (i.e. client forms, envelopes, embossing stamp & stationery)


Upon arriving at this name and style, we did comprehensive research. We discovered the following for BOHO Beauty House:

  • The target market is 35-55 year-old females in a higher-income
  • Location focuses in South Tampa; 90% of her clients live there
  • Strength: word of mouth advertising

We also analyzed her competitors social media and websites and made a list of their strengths and weaknesses that we can build from.

From here, we structure keywords for SEO, and a social media plan. These tie in closely with our research findings and messaging is designed with Stephanie’s target market in mind.

Her social media plan is essentially a prescription that, if followed, will grow Stephanie’s client list. Not only does it include suggested messaging, but also when to post, how often and what graphics to include.



In the branding stage we devised the print collateral, and now we have moved on to digital collateral.

A major brand essential is web development. That is where new and existing clients will learn everything about BOHO Beauty House that they need to know.

They can now answer all of their questions and learn more at


This website and social media features all of our digital capabilities, including UI & UX design.  

All photos and videos, like this one of Stephanie, are through our photographer and videographer. Motion graphics, graphic design, photos and videos that are not featured on the website are used on social media platforms.

We have loved working with Stephanie to enhance her business.

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