Categories Include:

  • Creativity
  • Best Use of Celebrity
  • Most Sexy
  • Most Funny
  • Best Use of Child or Animal
  • Shock Factor

Companies have already started releasing teasers for its advertisements that will appear this Sunday, February 5th, during Super Bowl LI.

Melissa McCarthy is running from an unknown pursuer in Kia’s clip or watch commercial below. . Is it the Kia Niro? We have to tune in Sunday to find out.  

Snickers decided to release three casting clips to inform us they are doing the first ever live Super Bowl commercial.

There are even some full commercials that have been released online, ranging from sexy Mr. Clean to Lexus’ artistic “Man and Machine”.

According to USA Today, CBS charged $5 million for ads in 2016, or $166,666 per secondIn a limited amount of space, companies must convey their brand in the most inventive way they can imagine in order to get their money’s worth.

Super Bowl advertisements have what is referred to as resonance. No matter how good or bad, they will be viewed by as many as 114.4 million people live, not to mention the views on YouTube.

Coca-Cola’s 1979 “Mean Joe Green” commercial has accumulated 3,488,120 views.

So, chances are you do not run a multi-million-dollar company… yet! Why do you care about Super Bowl commercials past them being a source of entertainment between plays?

These commercials employ the same tactics that can be implemented in your own branding.

For a moment, set aside the large budget these companies are using and focus on what makes the commercials appealing at their core.

Chances are, you thought of some of the categories listed at the top. Creativity is simply highlighting what sets your company apart from your competition. Put that in bold print and make it bright yellow, figuratively of course.

When you're starting out it is not typically the best decision to spring for a celebrity endorsement, but you can achieve this effect on a smaller scale with a smaller budget. Search for influencers within your industry and elicit their help. Send press releases to magazines, newspapers, or other publications. Offer a free trial to a beauty blogger.

All the other categories operate on a scale. On one side, you have the allure of what your company is offering.  On the other side is how you will portray your product in order to make it entertaining. If your product is already popular, like an alcoholic beverage or food product, it can be made entertaining through comical tactics. Or use a Clydesdale horse. Or a toddler in a Darth Vader costume. If your company is providing a product that is not very appealing, like insurance or internet, take all the entertaining factors and kick them up to a 10.

At the end of the day you want people to remember your business when they are in the market for your product. This starts with your logo and website and is only enhanced by entertaining media coverage.