When it comes to words there is an unimaginable depth- full of connotation, sound, and visual aspects- associated with each one.

So, you have this great idea for a business. It is creative, unique, and profitable. The next step is coming up with a name that is equally creative, unique and alluring.

Imagine a checklist. On it are the terms:

Your name is attempting to check off all the P’s. Unfortunately, there is one P that can never be checked off — Perfect.

No name will achieve all the descriptors on the list, but hopefully it will get an A for effort.

You want this business to be passed down to your children’s children one day because it is just that successful, so your name must be functional even in 2052. There is no way you can predict social trends, but really the goal here is that you do not get sick of it in the first 5 years, at least. Check off Progressive.

Yagana Shah, a Huffington Post associate editor, curated a lovely list of the most cringeworthy words in the English language. Though this list may evolve with the times, try not to pick any words that leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. This should be the most obvious check mark on the list, but you would be surprised. Do not end up on a punny Facebook video. Check off Positive.     

Your name will be prominently displayed somewhere on something. Therefore, it must look as good as it sounds. Sixty-five percent of the population are visual learners, so pick a name that can be visually embossed in their brains. Check off Perceptible.

Looking forward, your business may have an opportunity for expansion. Give your name the element of transference. Check off Portable.

Do not pick a random word just because it sounds nice. Allow your name to speak to the service or good you are supplying. Check off Purposeful.  

Sometimes the most memorable names are the different ones. Consumers do not remember cookie-cutter products but rather the items that possess a unique flare. Check off Peculiar.   

Names are such a quintessential aspect of your brand that it will not just come to you and be plastered on your establishment. It takes research and testing to achieve the best possible label for your business.

Research ensures that another business does not already possess one of your potential names. That presents legal issues. You also need to look up possible connotations to your name. With an ever-changing popular culture, new meanings are tacked on to words every day with the evolving social trends.

Next, you must make sure that your target audience will be receptive of your new name. The simple route is to outsource this task to a research facility. They will conduct various surveys, focus groups or other techniques to make sure your buyer persona has been reached.  

Inspiration can be found through so many different channels. Take some time to reflect upon your business and think about the techniques that lend themselves best to your company. Get a second opinion to verify your name is as good as you think it is and you are on your way to a successful brand.