At Grand Brand & Co, we know branding, it’s practically our middle name.  You can also call us Designer, Copywriter, Illustrator, Animator, Videographer, Photographer, Editor, and Developer. Our experienced Tampa-based branding and design studio inspires a branding revolution for local businesses, both big and small.


You provide the product and the origin story.  We provide the designers, the words, the strategy, the art and inject personality into your brand. Together, we create One. Grand. Brand.



Logo + Identity Design

Your company’s visual identity is postmarked by your logo. It is the first impression your clients will experience and it is the embodiment of your brand. Your brand does not start and end with the logo, but it is an integral part of your company's identity nonetheless. Identity is the culmination of all the assets that reflect the message you want your business to portray.

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Company Horizontal Logo

Naming + Tag-line

As branding experts we know the importance of naming your business. The name of the business captures the essence of the brand and the tagline represents your purpose and philosophy. Setting a distinctive tone of voice allows clients to identify with your brand and evokes an emotional response.


Competitive Audit

In branding, we cannot overlook the importance of keeping up with trends and competitors. We must analyze how the competition portrays themselves in order to optimize your company’s unique take on your industry. We look at who the competition is, what they are offering and how they position themselves to the client. A competitive audit is a dynamic, data-gathering process. It examines the competition’s brand's, key messages, and identity in the marketplace.

Brand Collateral

Quite simply, print media that is designed to fit your identity. We specialize in business cards, presentations, menus, brochures, packaging, and all of the tangible assets that visually represent your company.


Brand Guidelines

Like your personality, your company’s brand will exude a similar distinct identity. A key aspect to brand identity is its cohesive nature. It all begins with your company's mission statement, your values and your goals. All of these core concepts will be infused into the core of your brand. We develop unique brand guidelines for this purpose.


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