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About Us

Welcome to the Grand Brand vision.  (It has a lot to do with yours.)


This is the part where we list our credentials, boast recent accomplishments, and use our powers of persuasion to win you over.  Instead, close your eyes.  Imagine your company’s name in lights, your business dressed to the nines, your product wrapped in silk.  Are you reading this with your eyes closed?  You bet—that’s how good we are.


Branding is a team effort you provide the platform, the product, the origin story.  We provide the designers, the words, the strategy, the art.  And, together, we create One. Grand. Brand.





Before Grand Brand & Co, there was Sanchez Arts.


It all began in 2011 in a Tampa Bay commercial print shop where Grand Brand’s founder, Eric Sanchez, gained first-hand experience in production designing and advertising. In 2013, Sanchez Arts was born.  The new company specialized in creative branding and Business development.  The team was small, but their aspirations were grand.  One day, while eating ice cream in St. Pete, the newly amassed team realized their firm needed to rethink itself.  The family-named organization was nice, but it would keep them from extending their influence the way they envisioned.


In 2015, Sanchez Arts turned the focus on itself and emerged as Grand Brand & Co: bigger and better than ever.  As a result of the rebrand, the firm has amassed larger clients and established a stronger relationship with the Tampa Bay community.  In less than a year, Sanchez Arts went from two people sharing one office to a team of dedicated individuals specializing in graphic design, photography, copywriting, videography, and animation spread across three offices.


There is no such thing as a self-made man.  Success is not achieved in a vacuum, and the Grand Brand team keeps this knowledge close to heart with every project and interaction.  We understand that we owe our success to every person that has touched our lives and our work.  If it were not for supportive family, friends, and mentors, Grand Brand & Co would not be here today, and for that we thank you.



Our Clients

At Grand Brand & Co. we work with businesses big & small. Each case is different, presenting us with new challenges daily. Here are a few of our active success stories.



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